Featured Short Course Instructors

avatar for James Rawlins

James Rawlins

The University of Southern Mississippi
Professor of Polymer Science
avatar for Robson Storey

Robson Storey

University of Southern Missisisippi
Bennett Distinguished Professor, School of Polymer Science and...

Short Course Instructors

avatar for Austin Maples

Austin Maples

Ascend Performance Materials
Product Technology Scientist at Ascend Performance Materials
avatar for Brian Priore

Brian Priore

Research Associate
avatar for Chris Howard

Chris Howard

Lintech International
Manager – Product Sales
avatar for Daniel Calimente

Daniel Calimente

Wacker Chemical Corporation
Technical Manager
avatar for David Fasano

David Fasano

Retired Dow Chemical
Application Scientist 
avatar for David White

David White

Pan Technology
Vice President of Technical Services
avatar for Don Liles

Don Liles

Dow Corning Corporation
Retired - Emulsions Development Group
avatar for Jim Reader

Jim Reader

Evonik Corporation
Senior Applied Research and Technology Manager - Americas
avatar for Keith Moody

Keith Moody

Retired Eastman Chemical - Consultant
Senior Technical Service Associate, Coatings Technical Service Lab 
avatar for Leo Procopio

Leo Procopio

The Dow Chemical Company
Group Leader
avatar for Michael Blanton

Michael Blanton

The University of Southern Mississippi
Research Associate and Team Leader
avatar for Mike Jeffries

Mike Jeffries

Field Technical Service Manager - Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties
avatar for Robert Santine

Robert Santine

BYK Gardner USA
Regional Sales Manager
avatar for Romesh Kumar

Romesh Kumar

Clariant Plastics & Coatings USA Inc.
Sr. Technical Sales Manager – North America
avatar for Sam Morell

Sam Morell

avatar for Shiying Zheng

Shiying Zheng

Evonik Corporation
Research Director
avatar for Todd Williams

Todd Williams

Product and Tech Service - Coatings, Adhesives, and Specialties Group